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Why I Decided To Rent Versus Buy Jewelry For My Wedding

September 13, 2017



Imagine if you could wear any piece of jewelry for a fraction of the cost? Diamond. Kundan. Gold. You name it. All yours without the stress of spending thousands of dollars to look and feel fabulous on your big day. Well, the good news is now you can! Thanks to Rent it Rani, the first genuine, fine jewelry rental specializing in South Asian jewelry. And they couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, saving my family thousands of dollars on my semi-traditional Indian wedding.

Growing up in an Indian home, having a big wedding and being adorned in real gold jewelry was something I knew I couldn’t get out of (believe me I tried). See, jewelry holds much more than an aesthetic value in the Indian culture. It’s also considered a source of security in times of a financial crisis, and, for many women, signifies their status in society. Gold is also viewed as an investment that can be passed down from generation to generation. While the sentiment of this is priceless – I would have LOVED to wear my mother’s bridal set for my own wedding- it’s often unrealistic; the pieces don’t always match and the styles are outdated. As my mother best said, “kids today don’t want that kind of investment. They’ll never wear it. They’re gonna wear it once and put it away in the safe. Plus now kids don’t like the jewelry we buy. They don’t want bright gold sets. They want jewelry they can wear everyday, not just with Indian clothes.” 


“Kids today don’t want that kind of investment. They’ll never wear it. They’re gonna wear it once and put it away in the safe.”


Unfortunately, this leaves families with the stress and quite often financial burden of purchasing new gold jewelry for wedding events. I remember how much my cousins had spent on their weddings for bridal sets they never wore again and thinking what a waste of money it was. Not to mention that many times you can’t even wear something you truly love due to the high costs of handmade, intricate pieces. So when I heard about Rent it Rani, you can believe that I was thrilled! Not only would this save my family tons of money, but now I could wear jewelry I truly loved and could never have dreamed of buying, even if I had wanted to. I was able to dress and feel like royalty without the stress (or guilt) of the cost.



Being able to rent our jewelry literally saved my family upward of 25K. You heard me, 25K! Indian weddings are long, often more than 4 or 5 events, thus jewelry costs can add up very, very quickly. So to be able to save this much money was not only a godsend, but it also allowed my family and I the freedom to spend a little extra on the things that truly mattered to us: good music, good food, the whole experience. All things that our guests and we would remember and cherish forever (so much better than a piece of gold sitting in a safety deposit box for years and years, if you ask me)!


“Being able to rent our jewelry literally saved my family upward of 25K!”


To top it all off, the rental experience was seamless. I simply went to their office, chose the pieces I wanted and took them home with me. You can also choose your pieces online and have them shipped to you safely and securely. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Thank you Rent it Rani for taking the financial burden out of looking and feeling like a true queen on my wedding day. I couldn’t have dreamed of wearing more stunning pieces and an easier customer experience from beginning to end. You rock!

P.S. Here’s a closer look at some of the gorgeous pieces I was able to wear 😉



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